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There are hundreds of diseases

When God created human beings, he already considered the danger of poison to the human body. Therefore, he designed a natural detoxification system that can automatically remove toxins from the body and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Our liver, kidney and skin are the main detoxification organs of this detoxification system :


1. Liver:

The liver is the most important detoxification organ in the human body. Liver cells are rich in enzymes, whether they are drugs, hormones, toxins produced by microorganisms, whether they are endogenous or exogenous toxic substances, all need to be decomposed by the liver to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body.

When bad liver condition and they will cause toxins circulating in the blood, indirectly lead to skin conditions become less well (because there are many fine blood vessels under the skin), skin rough, dark, acne , single sitting and other skin problems Frequently.

The theory of Chinese medicine believes that 11 pm to 1 am and 1 am to 3 am is the time for detoxification of the liver and gallbladder meridians, but the liver and gallbladder can be detoxified smoothly under the condition of deep sleep. Therefore, during this time You must sleep within it to allow the liver to do detoxification work.


2. Lungs:

It is the channel through which the human body communicates with the outside world through breathing, and of course it is also an organ for detoxification. Now the air pollution is serious, and the problem of second-hand smoke is also very serious. Over time, the toxins can easily accumulate in the lungs and cannot be discharged. Such as symptoms, severe cases may also cause cancer .

By walking in the park or forest, sunbathing, or even quitting smoking or avoiding the environment full of second-hand smoke, you can help the lungs detoxify.


3. Kidney:

The main function of the kidney is to excrete waste products, including metabolites such as excess water, electrolytes, urea, and pharmaceutical ingredients, which are excreted in the form of urine through the excretory system of the kidney, bladder, and ureter. Therefore, if the kidney function is not good, reducing the amount and frequency of urine excretion will keep the poison in the body.


Therefore, the excretion of urine is very important every day. Drink plenty of boiled water and urinate as much as possible. Avoid as much as possible to avoid the burden of sugary drinks on the body.



The skin is the body’s first line of defense against the invasion of bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, etc., and can also prevent the evaporation and loss of water on the body surface. In addition, the main function of the sweat glands in the skin is to sweat. The sweat is composed of wastes such as salt, uric acid, and uremic, so it is said that the skin is also part of the detoxification system.

The body sweats through regular and proper exercise every day, and the toxins are expelled from the skin through sweat ; in addition, the cleansing of the skin is also essential for detoxification, so be careful.

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