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Spring traps you not getting enough

After the winter, the spring god slowly blowing the warm spring breeze, also awakened the pink, peach bright and delicate spring cherry on the branch. Spring is here, the sun is out of the face, the birds are scenting, the earth is recovering, and even the hibernating animals are ready to get up and move the nest of lazy bones throughout the winter. What about you? Spring God is here, are you awake?

As the saying goes: “Spring is sleepy, autumn is lacking, and summer is dozing,” the spring season seems to make people a hundred times more spiritual, but in fact it is not. Many people will be sleepy when the spring comes, making people drowsy. What’s the matter? are you sick?

Chen Chaozong, the honorary chairman of the Taiwan Association of Basic Chinese Medicine Doctors, said that spring trouble is not a disease, but the body is affected by the natural climate. It is a temporary physiological phenomenon that occurs because of the regulatory response that occurs naturally in response to seasonal changes. , So it is called “spring sleepy”.

The phenomenon of heat expansion and contraction also occurs in the human body. The cold winter will cause blood vessels, sebaceous glands and other tissues to contract to maintain a constant body temperature; but in spring, the temperature warms up, and the originally closed capillaries, sweat glands, blood vessels, etc. A diastolic condition greatly promotes the earlier sluggish blood circulation and metabolism, resulting in the body needing to consume a lot of oxygen to respond to the body’s recovery. Therefore, when the brain’s oxygen supply is reduced, it is easy to make people feel sleepy and sleepy. It seems that how to sleep If you don’t get enough sleep, the rate of getting out of bed increases dramatically.

In general, the symptoms of spring sleepiness are more common, including drowsiness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and dizziness. The lack of yang in the human body is susceptible to moisture, and the humidity in spring is relatively strong, so fatigue may occur . . If the person has a spleen deficiency constitution, due to the poor function of Yunhua water, it will also cause sleepiness, difficulty in concentration, fatigue, and even gastrointestinal problems. If it affects the liver’s drainage, it may also cause depression or Abnormal symptoms.

Clinically, people who like to eat cold foods, drinks or eat big fish and meat, and heavy tastes are predominantly spring-prone groups. In addition, people who are sedentary, have little exercise and lack of rest will reduce the ability to run the spleen and stomach; infants The organs are delicate, the qi is not fully charged, and the spleen’s luck function is not complete; the elderly and the chronically ill patients have weak spleen and stomach, and they are more likely to have symptoms of spring sleepiness.

Everyone should have had the experience of not getting enough sleep, especially on the work day and school day after the long vacation, or the bed really needs a lot of perseverance. Most people will get a cup of coffee or tea after they get up and eat a delicious breakfast. They may be able to wind up their clockwork to cope with a busy day of work and school work; but if you show mental distress There is severe fatigue, even if you sleep for a long time, you will feel sleepy. This situation may not be spring sleepiness, but a warning sign of other hidden diseases, such as anemia , hypothyroidism , liver disease and so on.

To prevent disturbance from spring sleep, it is recommended to start with a diet. The spring diet should be based on light, fresh and digestible foods. It is best to choose fresh vegetables and fruits of the season, and reduce greasy, thick fat and deep-fried products in order to benefit Intestinal digestion and absorption. In the diet, you can eat onion, ginger, garlic and other Xinwen foods in order to achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation and exciting the brain center through the equivalent use of such foods to remove moisture and avoid filth.

Chen Chaozong reminded that the lethargy in spring sleepiness is usually relatively mild. If you have severe tiredness or increased fatigue symptoms, you should seek a professional doctor for diagnosis and treatment in time to avoid serious illness and delay the time for medical treatment.

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