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The 28-year-old man named Xie originally weighed 142 kilograms. After consulting a doctor, he reduced it to 98.3 kilograms without surgery and medication. Photo courtesy of Tainan City Hospital

A 28-year-old man named Xie is 172 cm tall and weighs 142.8 kg. After asking for help from Tainan City Hospital, he did not have surgery or medication by relying on diet control and exercise. He lost 98.3 kg in 2 years and lost 44 kg in total. Continuous weight loss has become a case of healthy weight loss in hospitals.

Xie Nan was originally severely obese . After 18 years old, he weighed more than 120 kg. At a young age, his blood sugar and blood lipids were high. Hepatic function was also abnormal. He stopped breathing at night and went to work during the day. He went to Tainan City Hospital for help.

He did not intend to take medicine or undergo stomach reduction surgery. The doctor told him “If you really want to reduce it, you can only rely on the right method and perseverance.” With the help of doctors and dietitians, you lost 2.7 kilograms in the first week. The loss of 6 kilograms in the first month greatly increased his confidence. At present, he has passed the stagnation period of weight loss. His physical examination is normal and he continues to lose weight.

Chen Weicheng, a family medical physician at the municipal hospital, said that the “best way” of diet control and exercise is actually used. It is recommended that people who want to lose weight must understand the calories of the food they eat and the calories consumed by exercise. In order to lose weight effectively.

He said that weight loss is divided into five stages. The first is the medical evaluation of the doctor and the individual changes in diet and exercise habits. The habit is developed for at least 3 weeks, and then the calorie and exercise recommendations of the dietitian or fitness coach.

The third is to assess whether there are physical and mental problems, causing dependence on food, followed by weight loss drugs, and finally the weight loss surgery, but it is not necessary to start from which stage, you can intervene at the same time, discuss it with the doctor in a serious manner before you can find Find the most suitable way to lose weight.

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