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Build a dream home for demented elders

Demented elders write calligraphy in a home-filled atmosphere, integrate into groups, and ease their emotions. Photo/Skin Cut Love Foundation

“Home” is the ultimate safe haven for life. When elders who are demented clamor to go home in their own homes or in Rizhao or institutions, what are they looking for? In fact, they are looking for a home in memory or dream. When planning a Rizhao institution, creating a beautiful and tasteful living environment is a design that is truly close to demented elders.

The Skin Care Love Foundation has been cultivating dementia services for more than ten years. It has visited many senior service organizations at home and abroad to find the dream home in the memory of demented elders.

In 2014, the first demented sunshine center “Wei Ailun Academy” was established in Changhua City . At that time, in order to return to the past with the memories of demented elders, the concept of environmental design was presented as “nostalgia”. The demented elders were touched by the Red Sleeping Bed, the Wind Drums, etc., and could open the conversation box and talked about the ups and downs in the past. Many elders even came to Wei Ailun Academy for the first time, they would blurt out because of familiarity: “I have been here!”

However, not all demented elders like the nostalgic style environment. There were once demented elders in their 90s who said, “It used to be too bitter in the past. Seeing ancient objects makes me not want to come in.” We found out that the original Serving demented elders cannot be confined to past ideas, but must understand the needs of elders in many ways.

When building the first dementia small-scale multi-function center “Lian Mayu Academy”, combining the field style with the warm European country wind, it brings a new but comfortable feeling to demented elders. In the second year of actual operation, it was found that elders with dementia liked it very much, and they even said to their family members, “I go to a beautiful restaurant for dinner and take a nap at a restaurant every day.” The elders who had entered the dementia walked home anxiously and slowly stabilized here. Integration activities.

The original hardware environment and the care of the care team helped the demented elders find a sense of security and ease the uneasiness; through regular day activities to make the demented elders healthier, they also found that the elders’ self-care ability improved and the communication and expression vocabulary increased. On one occasion, the elders with moderate dementia returned to the hospital and said to their families, “This is not Lian Mayu Academy.” The family was greatly surprised because the elders have been unable to know where they are for a long time.

After years of practical experience, the Skin Care Foundation breaks through the existing framework and continuously learns from serving hundreds of demented elders and families. It not only practices the theory to verify the needs of elders, but also listens to and feels from the real service process. The unique needs of demented elders, so we understand the “person” of dementia, not just the “disease” of dementia.

In the face of the dementia frenzy, the entire national society can work together to create a friendly and demented environment, so that everyone can choose a life with dignity and taste even if they face dementia .

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