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58 kg of reduced sugar in two years

In recent years, the so-called sugar-reducing diet has become popular, and the Japanese media, Spa!, interviewed Suzuki Saori, a food researcher known for sugar-reducing dishes, to provide readers with the simple sugar-reducing dishes she usually prepares at home.

Sugar-reducing gourmet Suzuki Saori. Figure / Daily Spa!

Saori Suzuki has been a physique since he was a child. After going out of society, he overeats and eats because of stress. Even when he is working at the company, he often eats heavily during commuting. At 28 years old, his weight soared to 97 kg. However, since the beginning of a reduced-sugar diet with no more than 100 grams of sugar per day, it has lost 23 kilograms in two years. She further joined the gym, and researched a “hybrid” diet that interacted with a sugar-reduced and fat-reduced diet to maintain muscle and skin activity, so her weight dropped to 41 kg, and she was even selected as the advertising spokesperson for the gym. One.

Suzuki uses the ratio of “3:4:2” to distribute the portion of “early, middle, and late” meals, and the remaining 10% is small meals between meals.

She usually cooks her own meals. She eats beef stew and hard-boiled eggs at noon. The fat is mainly olive oil or MCT oil. In the evening, I eat Korean steamed noodles made with steamed muscle and starch-free noodles, reducing the ratio of fat to starch. When you are usually busy, eat high-protein, low-sugar foods such as salads, oiled oysters, and canned mackerel in convenience stores . “Because I like to eat sweets myself, I use Lakanto S (Mangosteen Sweetener) or almond milk to make desserts such as almond tofu, which can easily reduce sugar.”

The following is the sugar reduction recipe that Suzuki shared with readers .

The first meal breakfast: Mackerel with satisfying sensation (sugar 8.4g)

Breakfast is served with mackerel and various pickles.  Figure / Daily Spa!
Breakfast is served with mackerel and various pickles. Figure / Daily Spa!

, eggplant
, cabbage
, cucumber
, tomato
, arugula
, green pepper

Greenback fish such as mackerel and saury are rich in good fats such as EPA and DHA, so they should be actively consumed. The side dishes are mainly foods that can be stored in the refrigerator, such as eggplant pickles, green dragon peppers, and cabbage curry pickles.

No.2 meal noon: full of protein: steak diced salad (sugar 6.6g)

Diced steak with vegetable salad for lunch.  Figure / Daily Spa!
Diced steak with vegetable salad for lunch. Figure / Daily Spa!

, sirloin
, young leaf salad
, boiled eggs
, colored pepper
, bowl of beans

The fried beef made with sirloin is Suzuki’s specialty. She puts the diced steak cooked in a pan on the lettuce and young leaf salad, and adds poached eggs and colored peppers to add color. This is a dish full of protein and fat.

The third dinner night: addictive taste: Korean spicy noodles (7.2g sugar)

For dinner, Korean spicy noodles are made with starch-free noodles.  Figure / Daily Spa!
For dinner, Korean spicy noodles are made with starch-free noodles. Figure / Daily Spa!

・Starch-free noodles
・Steamed chicken
・Boiled eggs

Made with starch-free noodles, then put steamed chicken, cucumber, pickles 50 grams, half a boiled egg. The sauce is made by mixing Lakanto S, soy sauce, vinegar, a teaspoon each, half a spoon of minced garlic, chicken broth, and a quarter spoon of bean paste.

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